Enjoy Cooking in Your New Kitchen

Get kitchen remodeling services for your home in Lake Charles, LA

Let T & D Carpentry Service handle all of your kitchen remodeling services, from installing the floors to refinishing the ceiling. Whether you prefer the look of a rustic farmhouse or the sleek appeal of a modern space, you can count on our team to execute your vision perfectly.

You'll feel confident hosting dinner parties in Lake Charles, LA in your new kitchen. Visit our Gallery page to see examples of our kitchen remodeling services.

Tap into your inner interior designer

Tap into your inner interior designer

Increase the value of your home in Lake Charles, LA with bathroom remodeling services. Not sure where to start? Check out these ideas to inspire your design:

  • Minimalist with clean lines
  • Shabby-chic with classic touches
  • Contemporary with modern fixtures

Our team will handle all aspects of your project. You're guaranteed to fall in love with the result.

We offer free estimates on all bathroom remodeling services. Call now to discuss your unique design.